No Image Available

The Fridge, Sofia /
03.03 – 04.04 2011

Curated by Vladiya Mihaylova

No image available as a computer error – a crack, a bug, noise in the system, an omission in the PR; an anonymous avatar; lack of information; a blank screen. Vikenti Komitski’s exhibition features the absent piece, the unfinished off-market artwork. The artist uses one of the spaces in the former factory at 122 Ovche Pole, where the fridge is now situated, to present his second solo exhibition. It relates to the idea of the status the artwork has in the contemporary global culture of remixed images and contents. The exhibition presents works which evolve into each other and create a composition of lights, diagonals and angles. They build a space in the space through which the net runs as an infinite repetition, an accidental occurrence of meanings and contents, similarities, appropriation, symbols and images arranged in a disturbed hierarchy. This is the moment of silence and emptiness. The moment of re-charging! Regardless of whether he employs video or creates objects, drawings or collages, Vikenti Komitski’s works are usually made based on the principle of copy, paste and delete. The possibilities of contemporary digital culture and of network information exchange channels that he uses, are addressed by the author as a specific “culture” of thinking, practices and behaviour. In the context of such culture a work of art acquires a “new” status on the edge between the global system of art, institutions and markets, and the "chaotic" stream of images and information on the net.