Krinzinger Gallery, Vienna /
29.04 – 23.05 2015

While everybody seems to have agreed on the ridiculousness of Francis Fukuyama's thesis on the 'end of history', this exhibition once again takes the questions implicit to this diagnosis seriously. According to Fukuyama global capitalism puts an end to all possible antagonisms and by doing so to the very process of the dialectical becoming of history. If that's the case, what awaits us now is the endless repetition and remix of what has already been, a kind of eternal Déjà-vu of history's elements. Nothing new could we expect within this horizon. No event to break the circle. The works in this exhibition ask, what happens to the arts and the (art) history viewed from the post history point of view and try to evoke a kind of futuristic historicity, where the one-dimensional term of history becomes multidimensional, where the 'universal' history splits in so many singular histories. Updated histories. Haunted by the past's continuation within the present and the present's backlash on the past. Haunted by so many specters. Like in that W. Gibson novel where the dead continue to live in the cyberspace, (art) history's images return to 'live' in a new context.

Nothing Seems Exotic Anymore / 2014, paper

Abject / 2014, collage

Still Walking / 2014 PVC Plastic